So, Who Are You?

Most people would answer the question, "Who are you?" with titles or job descriptions.

"I'm a ventriloquist." "I'm in the insurance business." "I'm a mom." "I work in a store, but I want to write a novel."

Some of us might think about the question a little bit differently. We might define ourselves by our attributes, "I am tall." "People tell me I look like {someone famous}." "I'm a red head." "I endeavor to be kind."

But who are you really? At your core, what matters to you? How do you do things? Do you lead with your hands, your heart or your head? What excites you? What can you spend hours doing and find yourself with more energy at the end than at the beginning? Answers to these questions are directly associated with your Strengths and talents. The StrengthsFinder assessment is a great way to give you language which clarifies which talents are most important and how you can lean into them to lead you to the greater satisfaction and success.

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